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  Intelligent video analysis
  USB data mirroring for take away

Recording of Audio and Digital Information
In addition to video recording, an extended interface allows the recording of two-channel audio and digital information entered via a serial RS-232 and RS-485 interfaces. A USB interface allows the connection of different external devices: additional external storage or WLAN for alternative remote access in case of alarm or network breakdown.

Autonomous Mode
The network DVRs DiREX-Pro can be used without a "real" network, such as a four-channel system. In such case a USB-B interface can be used for direct or Ethernet/USB-A interfaces for WiFi connection (via optional Access Point or USB-WLAN adapter).


OS Linux
Embedded Linux provides support for all the above applications without additional hardware expenses. As the operation system is located in the flash memory, the recorder is fully operational in a matter of seconds and is immune to power-outs.

Typical Applications:

Shops and Trade Centres
RS-232/485 interface is easy to use for inputting data from cash tills and/or POS-terminals. E.g. by connecting via RS-485/232 to an access system it is possible to count customers within a shop and to display such data in the video field.

Cash Points
RS-232 interface enables the registration of additional transaction information (e.g. card-ID) and synchronise it with video information. Four-channel video storage also records any activity around the cash terminal. Very efficient video compression makes possible to not only access at the incidents, which took place even several months ago, but also permit to easy transfer complete video sequences over already available remote access infrastructure.

RS-232 interface can be used to store additional information such as GPS, speed, and journey time. The recorded data can be downloaded to an external storage unit by direct connection to the USB interface or wireless when in a garage or service station via external WLAN-LAN bridge/AP or USB-WiFi adapter.

Public Facilities, Boat Harbors, Airports

If no network is available and the laying of a line is expensive, the use of USB-WiFi adapters or WLAN APs considerably reduces installation costs.

Availability of audio outputs enables the integration of DiREX-Pro.xx into audio (e.g. door, room) communication systems. The extended recording-time capacity can be used to preclude repeat offenders, unwanted guests, etc.

Apartments and Cottages
If no network is available, DiREX-Pro.xx can be used in autonomous mode and data downloaded via USB interface to external flash/HDD storage. During periods of absence, the situation at home can be monitored by telephone using the external DSL/ISDN router.

Intelligent Building Management
The RS-232/485 interface can be used in building management. Items such as an entry system, light control, heating, irrigation system, air-conditioning and lift access can be attached to DiREX-Pro.xx. They can be synchronised and controlled via external network/Internet without the use of additional PC’s.

DiREX-Pro.xx can be used to count and/or monitor cars in a building and to notify an external advisor in case of emergency via ISDN/DSL router. All necessary data can be fed via the RS485/232 interface from an access-control and alarm systems.

Integrated Security Systems
Data from various security-system sensors and other (e.g. emergency) events can be registered by DiREX-Pro.xx via RS-485/232 interface, and will be synchronised with the video recording. Thus, the risk of false alarms can be excluded and the handling of recorded data is simplified.

Stadiums and Sport Facilities

Larger buildings or stadiums with a high a requirement for surveillance, it more likely to use high-speed dome cameras. The DiREX-Pro RS-485 interface is perfectly suited to control of these cameras as well. Panasonic and Pelco-P/D protocols are supported already.

Industrial Plants

RS-485/232 can collect statistical/monitoring data e.g. on power consumption, labour scheduling, man hours, various sensors and quality control feedback. The extended recording capacity enables effective data storage over many months.