Products should be user-friendly and designed for the task but
with complex technologies expert technical support is also essential.

To canalize the technical assistance more efficiently,
all support cases are processed as follows:
  • 1st level support: through dealer or distributor
  • 2nd level support: forwarding the request from the distributor to BWA
    with late entering into the knowledge base for the 1st-level support,
    no direct customer contact with BWA
  • 3rd level support: highest level, full takeover by BWA with
    subsequent report to all parties

At products web pages can be found:

- answers at frequent asked questions (FAQs),
- new software and installation manuals for all bwa products.
- download area for the DiREX-20 product family
- download area for the DiREX-Pro product family

Support documents (PDF) for download:

- support request
- RMA approach

Please notify the serial number (ID or MAC-Addr.) of your device!

e-mail message to the support team: