Products DiREX-Pro
Ideal for mobile and peripheral use

DiREX-Pro-DVRs come with three separate networks:
- Ethernet (LAN, AP, Power-LAN);
- USB-A (WiFi-USB);
- USB-B (service).

The integrated user list with three-level access protection enables flexible administration, for instance of new team members with temporary involvement in a project.

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True multicasting

The internal video server provides access to both live transmission of AV and data streams (e.g. GPS or alarm sensors) and to previously recorded data for multiple users simultaneously, without thereby impeding one another or the local recording.
  Access Point via Fast Ethernet

The efficient and securest way to establish a wireless connection to the DVR is by using an external access point (AP). This gives the choice of various transmission frequencies (2.4GHz, 5GHz or 11GHz) and speeds (up to 108Mbit/s), as well as preferred encryption and authorisation technologies. As new transmission techniques evolve, you can stay at the cutting edge by simply changing the AP's. All DiREX-Pro DVRs support both fixed IP addresses as well as dynamic IP assignment from DHCP server.

A live video broadcast at 54 Mbit/s connection speed continuously uses less than 3% of the entire bandwidth.
  The mobile 802.11g Pocket AP/Client D-Link DWL-G730AP

It offers the advantages of both USB WLAN (compact, no additional power unit), and AP connections, e.g.:
- full data transfer rate,
- MAC Address filtering,
- SSID suppression,
- WLAN fine tuning,
- DHCP server.
  This small device can be pre-configured from any PC via the embedded web interface. Data are transmitted wirelessly from the DVR via Fast Ethernet and power is provided via the USB power cable (provided).

In addition the following USB chipsets are supported (incl. WEPencryption):
PRISM-II (D-Link DWL-122/A1) and Ralink-2500 (D-Link DWL-G122/B1).
Since the market "life span" of consumer WLAN sticks is to short and the data transmission rate via USB lower than via Ethernet, it is recommended instead to use USB WiFi adaptors ACCESS POINTs, which have 5V power supply via USB.
  HomePlug® Powerlink-LAN

Using HomePlug® Ethertnet Adapter (e.g. NETGEAR XE104 for continental Europe) and any type of socket, it is possible to send data from a distance of up to 200 meters via a 110-220V electricity supply. As the supplied software merely activateds the decoding, the Powerlink adapter are independet of the operating system and so enable remote access to DiREX-Pro via electricity grids - particularly useful when a radio connection is not possible or not desirable.

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Direct via USB

For service purposes, a direct USB network connection can be established. It offers a full range of functions as with other connections, runs, however, over a static, not-configurable IP address ( and is also suitable, therefore, in the event that the current DVR's IP is not known. When connecting to the USB-B interface for the first time, the driver (provided) must be installed and a one-off, direct computer-to-computer connection made.

If you have further questions about APs, WiFi and HomePlug® adaptors, please contact the respective manufacturer.