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Intelligent video analysis

"Observe, analyse, respond" was our guiding motto during the implementation of the MPEG4-based video compression. We succeeded in developing a compression process unique to the market which works during recording and only utilises between approx. 4 and 7 GB per day. As the video encoder is purely a software solution, each time we improve our firmware we are able to increase performance.
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Flexible video mask

Our picture comparison procedure allows access to internal processing. Thus the image changing can be analyzed and evaluated more precisely - if necessary within pre-defined areas only. The DiREX-Pro HTTP user interface makes it possible to divide the original picture into three different resolutions.

The user can select/deselect each element and so define a freely-configurable video sensor mask directly on the image area - meaning image changes are evaluated only within free surfaces. The sensitivity of the movement sensor within the mask can be adjusted individually. The start of the recording in the respective video channel with RAM pre-alarm recording can thus be better specified. In addition, the masked video sensor can be configured to control external devices via an optional RS-232 alarm box.
More about ALARM81-RS (alarm box)
Pre-movement picture collection

Pre-alarm recording is continuously buffered in the operational memory and the HDD will be activated only when needed. This lowers the power consumption, prevents damage to the HDD and increases the reliability of the DVR. The shut-off time - individually adjustable for each AV channel - avoids unnecessary cut-off processes between motion or alarm events. In environments where movement in constant (e.g. railway station, airports etc.), an additional video buffer can be activated. In this case, the internal HDD remains largely idle and will only be "woken-up" briefly to store the RAM buffer. This warrants a reliable and maintenance-free operation.

Versatile video processing

Since we also developed the internal video processing ourselves, data are available from all processing levels, as are the following functions:
- Camera noise reduction
- Recognition of sabotage to the camera
- Retrospective correction of video picture brightness or contrast

Please contact our team with any suggestions or questions regarding the video analysis function range.