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Thanks to the excellent video compression of the Linux-based DiREX-Pro DVRs, data can easily be mirrored simultaneously to internal recording on USB data storage. The internal FIFO ring memory is herewith extendable up to 2 TBytes.

We do not guarantee any trouble-free operation with third party USB data storage!

The rugged hot-swappable HDD system
BWA-UDOCK1 provides full USB conform interface, has sufficiently electric power supply and is suitable for continously operation with our products.
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This solution offers many advantages compared with ordinary HDD racks:
  • a USB interface provides a sturdy and easy 'Plug-and-Play' solution,
  • with the user-activated data mirroring, original data are preserved in the device,
  • the total memory can be extended with additional 2 TBytes (capacity extension mode).

If flash storage recording is required, we recommend to use compact USB adapter with microSDHC or microSDXC cards (Class 4 or higher) inside. Cards made by Toshiba, SanDisk or Matsushita are recommended.
An ordinary USB flash drives are normally not designed for continuously writing operating. Therefore the FAT32 partiotion can be unmounted by the Linux OS during operation - amongst others, cause by longer timeouts.
Please pay your attention to the allowed operation temperature!

If size matters...

The external USB memory is recognized by the DVR as an independent data disk drive and, thanks to FIFO ring memory (also like the internal HDD), can be set for continuous recording. In addition, the external USB data drive can be configured either in a mirroring mode, or as a pure memory extension of the internal HDD.

USB DriveThe Linux operating system allows management of up to 2 TBytes which, together with DiREX-Pro.120 (120GB version) DVR, provides an extremely long recording capacity. As the USB disk drives are not accessible via network, a mechanical protection of the data carrier would be enough to meet application-based and country-specific data protection regulations. When required, all data can be brought instantaneously for checking where above the USB-2.0 interface a quick analysis can be carried out directly from a PC. The use of an external USB RAIDs makes even a redundant solution possible, moreover one which a quite unrivaled value for money.

With suggestions or questions regarding the mobile USB backup please contact our team.