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Ideal for PTZ control over the Internet

The DiREX-Pro DVR series come with RS-485 interface, which is designed for Dome/PTZ control. Firmware 0.1982 and up supports following protocols:
- Pelco™ P and D,
- Fastrax II and IIe,
- Panasonic (WV-SC840/850),
- KT&C.

Apart from manual PTZ control, Pelco™, Panasonic and Fastrax can also be configured for presets and tour drives. Speed domes must be attached to the following contacts:

R- (B)
R+ (A)

All protocols are supported only via RS-485 in half duplex mode.
The following transfer rates can be selected:
2400 bps, 4800 bps, 9600 bps, 19200 bps.

Continuous video documentation

User-deactivatable FIFO ring memory and comprehensive HDD management guarantees continuous recording even during 24h continuous operation. Thanks to supporting Image Hold functionality, unnecessary movements can be ignored while the dome moves. This allows more efficient usage of the local memory and available bandwidths. Optional software modules make it possible to enter data from access control systems, cash desks and other RS-232 sources as sub-titles in the video picture.

Pelco™ P & D
Pelco™ D and P are able to use presets' functionality.
In DiREX-Pro settings have to be selected:
(under "Settings" > "COM Port")
camera type: "Pelco P " or "Pelco D"; address: Dome-ID;
speed: "0" or more (depending from dome); time: "0.25"

Fastrax II & IIe
DiREX-Pro DVRs recognise automatically if connected camera supports 'FT2' or 'FT2-Extended' protocol.
In DiREX-Pro settings have to be selected:
(under "Settings" > "COM Port")
camera type: "Fastrax II(e)"; address: Dome-ID;
speed: between "0" and "7" (VT MiniTrax); time: "0.25"
Hint: Thanks to the 12VDC operation, power can be supplied directly to Eneo MiniTrax dome via the RS-485 plug ot the DVR. This enables a compact and easy installation.
Since the DiREX-Pro.A30 operates without any fan and MiniTrax drive's system functions all but silently, this combination is eminently suitable for uses where the assigned components should be as inconspicuous as possible - even stand-alone (battery operation and WiFi or Power-LAN) and under adverse weather conditions (temperature range starting from -20°C).

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Panasonic WV-SC840/850
Please follow these steps for to use a WV-SC840/850 dome:

- switch off the camera and open the cover;
- using the DIP switch, set "19200/8/N/1":

- switch the camera back on and off;
- set the ID (address) on the DIP1 switch;
- start the camera again;
- set all DIP2 switches to the "ON" position (half duplex):

- start the camera again;
- in DiREX-Pro under "Settings" > "COM Port" select:
camera type: "Pan-CS850"; address: Dome-ID; speed: "0"; time: "0.25"

If you have further questions about your dome camera, please contact the manufacturer.

Other PTZ protocols
With a certain minimum order size, the implementation of additional PTZ protocols is possible.
Please contact us for further information.