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Frequent Asked Question (FAQs)

1. My DiREX-Pro uses IP address. Why can’t I find the DVR under this address?
2. Is it possible to work with DiREX-Pro using browsers such as Opera, Mozilla etc.?
3. I'm able to connect to DiREX-Pro with MS Internet Explorer but there is no video / audio display. What is wrong?
4. Are your NDVRs suitable for using via mobile connection like 3G/EV-DO?
5. The video picture is too bright and sometimes disappears completely. What is wrong?
6. After changing DiREX-Pro settings and clicking the “Apply” button, the old settings appear. What is wrong?
7. You assert that DiREX-Pro.60 continuously recording capacity for 8 to 14 days. However, my device is full after about 4 days. What is wrong?
8. What happens if I connect new USB or RS-232 device to DiREX-Pro?