DiREX-Pro series
6-channels (AV) encoder with integrated DVR
max. 120 GB int. HDD, 2 TBytes ext., 12V/110-230V

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DiREX-Pro Digital Network Video Recorders with internal web-server and triplex functionality provide numerous advantages: the proprietary (MPEG4-based) compression cares for high video quality, four video, two audio channels, RS-232 and RS-485 interfaces provide high flexibility, and dynamic data rate enables image quality to be constant at a data speed that is dependant upon the movement level. CCTV security systems that incorporate DiREX-Pro exhibit increased reliability as, in the event of damage to one video-server, full network access is maintained and, moreover, recording continues even if the network itself is damaged.

To show the advantages and capabilities of our DVR which can only be seen by using it, we have provided a real-time television transmission on the net via DSL access: LIVECAM
DiREX-Pro.60   perfect for peripheral video recording for indoor use with live or delayed transmission
DiREX-Pro.A40   extended operation temperature range, perfect for outdoor or automotive use
DiREX-Pro.120   huge internal 120GB HDD (not formatted capacity), not recommended for transport applications
Replay of recorded data and control of the DVR can be carried out from any network PC by means of a standard internet browser (Internet Explorer 6 and DirectX 8.1 required). Replay from several recorders connected to a sub-network is achieved in multi-stream mode. This allows several logged-in users to view each video stream live in its own shared window. Management of user lists with 3-level access rights is also provided.

The DiREX-Pro user interface offers high functionality and ease of use for both professional and occasional users. Features include: ring memory, adjustable motion/sound detector for each channel, powerful search options using time/date stamps or activity diagram for all channels, event-dependent and/or timer-controlled messaging by email, self-diagnosis and synchronisation from an external time server.
As the LINUX operation system is located in the Flash memory, the DVR boots exceptionally quickly. Furthermore, at low video activity levels, the internal HDD can be switched off completely - for pre-alarm recording only the RAM is used.

Additionally, firmware updates that enhance recorder functionality can be downloaded from:

DiREX-Pro download area

Extended operation temperature range and high vibration stability make DiREX-Pro.A40 especially suitable for transport and outdoor applications. Huge 120GB internal hard drive (Pro.120 only) enables extremely long recording time.

Unique Features on the Market:

  • Extended operating temperature range: -20…+65°C (normally: +5…+45°C) - Pro.A40 only;
  • Increased operating temperature gradient: 60°C/hour (normally: 20°C/hour) - Pro.A40 only;
  • Suitable for automotive use without need of additional vibration absorbers - Pro.A40 only;
  • Excellent ratio of volume (about VHS-tape size) and power consumption (fan-free operation, maximum 30 BTU generated per hour) to system performance;
  • No on/off switch; resistance to unexpected power drop with proper system shutdown;
  • Full speed local recording and simultaneous transmittion with bandwidth adaptable FPS reduction;
  • 2 independent audio channels; sound-controlled video recording or control of external equipment;
  • User-updatable OS (Linux) and video encoder located only in Flash memory;
  • Support of RS-232/USB compatible low-budget PC-extension: WiFi, GPS, GPRS/GSM etc.
  • Highly efficient video encoder provides long recording time, low network traffic and triplex operation even with low bandwidth access: WLAN, DSL, ISDN etc.

Key Features:

  • 4 video, 2 audio channels (line-in) and RS-232 input/output (sensors) via TCP/IP live or delayed;
  • 100Mbit Ethernet and USB-B for connection to remote PC(s), USB-A for communication options;
  • Internal web server - full functionality and operation via Internet Explorer;
  • OS (embedded Linux) and video encoder in the flash memory;
  • High video quality from MPEG4-based compression;
  • Suitable for PTZ-control through RS-485 (Panasonic, Pelco P/D etc.) and short latency time;
  • Local recording always at full speed - full duplex/triplex;
  • Motion/sound detection with 10 seconds pre-alarm in RAM, rather than in Hard Drive;
  • Internal Hard Drive shutdown at low movement level - RAM only video buffer;
  • Alarm- and/or timer-activated notification with still image attachment.