NVB-Lite (Network Video Board)
Audio/Video playback software for Networks

7x cameras
  Examples of usage: seven CCTV cameras

The Network Video Board enables continuous live monitoring, even simultaneously from several video and audio sources

The software can be installed in inexpensive, portable Ultra Mobile PCs (UMPCs) with low power consumption. Thus flexible and cost-efficient stand-alone monitoring from one DVR or several video servers / network cameras can be realized. They can be installed e.g. in a vehicle, container or apartment.

With help of Power-LAN technology (third party solutions) it is possible to realize video observation from high-compression video servers (e.g. our DiREX-Pro series) via the electricity supply. BWA Network Video Board is perfectly suitable for protected VPN networks as well, which can be established with various Windows applications.

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The NVB software steady monitor connection quality and adopts the frame rate of each video channel to the available bandwidth. Connection interruptions will be also registered and connection automatically re-established. So it is possible to provide wireless, mobile use via WiFi or 3G/UMTS/HSDPA without difficulty - even by using hybrid network coverage.

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Here are the most important NVB-Lite 1.0 features:

- Simultaneously up to 16 cameras and up to 8 audio channels;
- Support of up to four DiREX-Pro NDVRs, incl. ADPCM audio;
- Freely resizable video area, displayable at any monitor resolution;
- Selectable quad or single channel display for each video server;
- Access NDVR via IP address or domain name and port number as well;
- Recognition of recorder name, name of video and audio channels;
- Display remote data in video field , such as time/date, GPS dates, alarm;
- Automatic authorization at server level with password-protected access;
- FPS adjustment to the bandwidth, automatic re-connection;
- Status display of motion-controlled local recording for each channel.

The LITE version is limited to 16 cameras or four DiREX-Pro NDVRs and is available on free download.
Network Video Board LITE (3,88 MB, V. 1.0):
  Minimum system requirements:

- Intel Centrino 900 MHz
  (depending on video compression)
- 512 MB RAM (1 GB recommended)
- 10 MB HDD (free space)
- DirectX 9.0 (audio/video)
- Windows XP