Portable recorder - ideal accompanying and also for direct installation on site

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This portable recorder enables the user to record directly onto the SD memory card, in a PAL resolution of 704×576 pixels. The device can be used in a wide range of conditions, as it can withstand temperatures between -20 and +45 °C and the screw connection is dustproof. The low weight of only 220 g and the memory capacity of up to 32 GB meet even the highest requirements for mobile devices.

- High-resolution video;
- Supports BWA Multi-Vision;
- Audio or RS-GPS input (optional);
- Touch control with pre-alert recording;
- Screw terminal connection;
- Recording on SDHC cards;
- Embedded LINUX system;
- Low energy consumption;
- Metal casing, small and light-weight;
- Connectors and memory card secured
  using dust-proof screw fastenings.


BWA DiREX-M Setup (9,8 MB):