Products DiREX-20

There are following accessories for our decentral video recording devices DiREX-20(.20 or. .40) avaialable.
All prices are net suggested retail prices and not include VAT and shipping costs.

(sugg.price: 40,- Euro)
Vehicle adapter - external voltage converter (input range: 9-16VDC) with very high efficiency. For an optional use in a car or autonomous operation from an external 12V (lead) battery.
Power required (recorder only - w/o cameras): approx. 0.5A/hour.

5V-PLUG-UK (sugg.price: 70,- Euro)
5V-PLUG-EU (sugg.price: 60,- Euro)
Plug-in (100-240 VAC) - spare power supplier: UK or continental Europe models available.

(sugg.price: 30,- Euro)
2x mounting brackets - spare (ein pair is provide with device) metal brackets
for fastening of recorder at usage or analysis place (e.g. in office).

(sugg.price: 90,- Euro)
Carrying case
- if additional case is needed or in case of los of supplied case.