Products DiREX-20
Technical Data

video: ITU-T H.263+
photo: JPEG (ITU-T T.81)

Data rate (max. picture quality)
maximum (>70% motion): 200 kbps
average: 30 kbps

Memory capacity (build-in 2.5-inch hard drive)
min. 40GB

Memory consumption, about
average: 7-10 GB/week
(permanent rec., max. picture quality)
often reachable: 1-3 GB/week
(with motion detection, 2-3 frames/s)

video-modus: 128x96 ... 352x288 (CIF)
photo-modus: 128x96 ... 704x576 (4CIF)

Frame frequency (total all channels, 20% motion)
176x144 and less: 25 frames/s
256x192, b/w: 18 frames/s
256x192, colour: 12 frames/s
352x288, b/w: 9 frames/s
352x288, colour: 6 frames/s

Video input
4x PAL/SECAM, BNC, 75 Ohm, 1Vss

Video format
S/W (8bit), YUV 4:2:0 (8bit)

Data interface
500 kbps, bi-directional, IEEE-1284, EPP

Power supply
100-240VAC, 50-60Hz, +5V, 1.3A
vehicle adapter (optional):
9-18VDC, 1A

Power requirements (continuous)
max. 6W
power on hours: 732 /month (24h x7)

Housing dimension (WxHxD, incl. BNC-sockets)
109 x 35 x 179 mm

Weight (without plug-in)
appox.: 0,6 kg

Environmental (operation): 5...40°C
vibration (random): 0,67G (5-500Hz)
shock: 200G (2ms)

DiREX-20; plug-in power supply; manual; EPP data cable; mounting brackets (x2, for mounting at plane surface or TS-35, look FAQ); control, viewing and archiving software "Magic-Store"

Minimum system requirements
(for the "Magic-Store" software)
Pentium 133; 128MB RAM, 200MB HD; 800x600, 65536 (16bit); parallel port (EPP);
Windows 95/98/ME/NT+SP3/2000/XP; DirectX *

* - Windows and DirectX is a registered trademarks of Microsoft Corp.