Products DiREX-20
Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is it possible to operate DiREX-20 in the car or with a separate battery?
2. With which kind of internal memory can DiREX-20 be ordered?
3. How long can DiREX-20 with an internal 20GB hard drive record video signals?
4. Is it intended that the recorder can be opened by the user, in order for example to exchange the hard drive?
5. Is it possible to modify recorded data in the recorder or delete it partly?
6. Is it possible to export recorded video data in a usual format, e.g. AVI?
7. Why cannot a key "printing" or "screen save" be found in the MS-software, or in other words why does the user interface not looks as one is accustomed to from Windows?
8. Is it possible to copy recorded video data on a video tape?
9. If the recorder is used only for the high-resolution photo recording, which frame rate can then is achieved?
10. Why does DiREX-20 have an Centronics interface and no USB or Fireware etc. and why are operating systems such as MacOS, Unix etc. not supported?
11. Are the alarm inputs floating and what kind of cameras can be used with DiREX-20?