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Odyssey™-Extreme (OdEX)

– the video data storage for professionals

  Thanks to the rubber-like encapsulation of the OdEX cartridges, they are resistant against drops of up to one meter and the vibration values are approx. 3-5 times better as compared to normal notebook HDDs.
  Advantages in comparison to
commonly used SSDs

• Extended temperature range;
• Unbeatable low prices at high capacity;
• Over the years proven and known
• Almost unlimited number of write cycles;
• Relatively simple data recovery;
• Standardized S.M.A.R.T. failure

The worlds most rugged HDD cartridge Odyssey™ Extreme (OdEX) is easy to handle, like a videotape, with write protection switch and dust-tight enclosure. The cartridges are extremely durable and ideally suited for continuous operation under extreme temperature fluctuations.

Properties OdEX hot-
swappable cartridges
Odyssey™ cartridges
2.5-inch hard drives
Allowed operation temperature range (ambient), C * -30…+85
Max. temperature gradient, °C/hour 60 20 20
Maximum altitude (operation), m ** 5500 2000 2000
Automotive grade vibration resistance + - -
Suitable for the 24h/7d operation + - -
Dust-proof enclosure with marking areas + + -
Prepared for motor-driven media loading/ejecting + + -
Protected against electrostatic charge + + -
Resistant against drops of up to 1 m + + -
Write protection switch + + -

* - temperature inside of cartridge, e.g. recommended operation ambient temperature for OdEX: -20...+70 °C;
** - guideline values, the real allowed operation altitude is depending from the type of used hard drives.

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